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The idea of turning the “IQS” into a profitable franchising system was born in 2001, when a professional team, having experienced all aspects (commercial, technical, marketing, scientific and medical) of this innovative program aimed at defeating tobacco addiction, decided to launch it's idea in the international market.

The IQS team devoted several years developing and refining a replicable “System” including marketing and sales concept as well as operational aspects with the ultimate goals to establish the worlds most effective smoking cessation global network.

Quit Smoking International was established, thanks to the cooperation of our international partners and managers who began its mission to help the smokers of the world to stop smoking!

The IQS Global Network now consist of important partners from all over the world (Europe, North America, South America, Asia) effectively developing the IQS system in several countries aided by the industry “forerunners’”.

The IQS management and international experience opens the possibilities to share our real mission: TO TURN our experiences INTO BUSINESS OPPERTUNITIES by helping the WORLD to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking
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