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Our Mission

IQS is working to overcome the addiction of smoking faced by people worldwide. IQS will do this by raising the awareness of smoking habits and strive to ensure our program is developed to meet the varied needs of smokers who really want to quit. We have established a world-wide franchise model, which brings this program within easy reach of millions of smokers. We believe that a program, which is tailored for each individual smoker, will yield better results and lead to an enhanced quality of life currently unobtainable from existing methods. No longer will smokers of the world have to rely on will power, chewing gum, or nicotine patches to quit their habit!

We have joined forces with some of the leading authorities in the smoking cessation field and now offer potential franchisees or smokers the opportunity to experience this unique program. Our global campaign will help smokers enjoy a healthier life style and overcome the stigma of being associated with the “smoking habit”.

Stephen P. Hickey
Managing Director
Quit Smoking International Ltd.

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Quit Smoking
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