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The treatment administered with the R.I.S.E. (Reflection Instrument Scanning Electro-pulse) device takes a time span that may last from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 60 minutes. The time for the electrical stimulation is calculated by the “NoSmoke” software according to the personal data of the subject, therefore the treatment time varies from person to person.

The treatment is completely painless and may be tolerated by anybody, as the electrical stimulation is only slightly perceived, with no excessive discomfort. Should the subject turn out to be particularly sensitive and emotional, it is possible to reduce this by adjusting the POD software and the stimulating action during the treatment below the threshold of personal sensitivity reducing the discomfort which in some cases might be mistaken for pain.

The operator at the Center, prior to beginning the treatment, will enter the personal data of the client into the RISE device in order to produce a model: e.g. age, sex, information related to the smoking habit, number of years as a smoker, quantity of cigarettes per day, kind of tobacco, etc. The test proceeds then by checking the client’s motivation and the possibility he/she will stop smoking by using the physical dependence or Fagerstrom test and the tobacco addiction test to assess psychological addiction.

In addition to the smoker’s data, for further definition of the treatment path two more values can be entered, the outcome of the Spiro-metric test, which measures the lung or breathing capacity and the amount of carbon monoxide released by the lungs. Both tests require a simple breathing test, which takes a few seconds and is only performed by medical staff. These tests are not essential for a positive outcome of the treatment they have been added only as data options used by the RISE device. .

To better understand the emotional state of the client during the treatment one can also check the heartbeat or pulse at any time.

The RISE device includes a data elaboration program, which can plan the best stimulation path on the basis of the most effective specific parameters, point by point, with regard to time, frequency and power of electrical stimulation.

The stimulation of the “reflex” points on the auricles of the customer is generated by means of a special infrared POD, whose end consists of a golden micro-sphere.

The operator stimulates the customer’s auricle reflex points with the POD, during which time, the customer remains comfortably seated in the chair.

The RISE device is equipped with a LCD monitor indicating the path to follow during the treatment, calibrating the personalized sequence of stimuli for each individual subject, with regard to power, duration and frequency of the electric stimulus.
The electrical stimulation exerted by the RISE device favors an adjuvant action and a special micro cellular massage which helps in breaking up the poisonous substances of tobacco accumulated in the organs after years of the habit and increases the release of endorphin in the system, which will go to “cover” the nicotine molecules and the receptors relevant to tobacco addiction, thus preventing the desire of introducing more nicotine into the body and therefore the desire to smoke.
During the following days the metabolism eliminates toxins through urine, which may turn out to be darker and more turbid.

Thanks to the I QUIT SMOKING method a smoker won’t go through nicotine abstinence crisis because he/she won’t desire it but will exist in a non-stressed condition and without risks or side effects such as the desire to eat more.

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