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Quit Smoking
Up To 90% Success Rate

The IQS method is the most modern and technological application of auricle-therapy principles by means of a sophisticated electronic device called RISE (Reflection Instrument Scanning Electropulse) developed right in the IQS laboratories.

Through focused and precise electrical stimulations of specific points of our body it is possible, in a totally natural and non invasive manner, to heal a great deal of pathologies.

Auricle-therapy is specialized in identifying and stimulating auricle points to heal pathologies affecting precisely the organs connected to them via meridians.

The IQS team has been studying and experimenting the specific application of the method on smoking for several years, and today is able to guarantee in one hour sussion up to 90% of positive results by applying its protocol.

The IQS program is divided into four essential phases, i.e. the psychological interview, the auricle-therapy treatment by means of R.I.S.E. device, the use of IQS natural products and the customerís follow-up for 6 months after the treatment.

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking
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* Up to 90% Success Rate
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